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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

By EA - 01-26-17

Yeti King Boss Hunt Dev Tips

Chill out with Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 and the Yeti King Boss Hunt! And by chill out we mean frantically turn up the heat on this epic new boss – The Yeti King. The Yeti King Boss Hunt is a time limited game mode, only available through the time portal.

PvZGW2 designer, and friend of Live From PopCap, Jeff Shaw, has assembled advice and tips from hard won knowledge of his encounters with the Yeti King. Armed with this knowledge you’ll be too hot to handle for this dancing ice lord!

Don’t forget about Peashooter

  • Peashooter is one of the most effective plants in this hunt.
  • His Gatling ability will help you deal tons of damage to a single target quickly.
  • His Chilibeans will clear out the large packs of zombies and his hyper will provide the mobility you need.

Sunflower Power

  • The Yeti King and his army are very cold, ice cold, frozen bread cold.
  • Your team will need some sunlight to keep you warm.
  • Sunflower healing abilities can dispel ice and other elements, you’ll need it!

Mind the Creek

  • It’s easy for your team to get stuck in the creek that divides the level.
  • The King’s Army will quickly surround and corner you down there.
  • It’s best for your team to keep cycling around the level, and avoid getting frozen in one spot.

Survive the Army

  • After the Yeti King appears he will summon his army of frosty zombies.
  • Hunker down with your team and heal each other to survive the cold.
  • Focus fire on the tougher enemies when they appear, taking them out quickly will make things easier on your team.
  • Peashooter’s Gatling ability is very effective here.

Fist Full of Popsicles

  • When the Yeti King starts dancing split your team into pairs.
  • Popsicles are tasty, but they will also leave you very cold.
  • It’s best to divide and conquer during this phase.
  • Peashooters Hyper and Gatling are effective here.

Jeff Shaw

Designer for PvZGW2