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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

By EA - 04-21-16

This Zomboss Art Rules, Okay?

You either love Zomboss, or hate him. But mostly love. Mostly. Whether hatching diabolical schemes involving shiny robot butts, or travelling through time in search of the ultimate taco, you can always trust Zomboss to be wickedly farcical. Zomboss rules with a whim of iron, and that along with his splendidly bald head, is what his fans love about him most.

These Zomboss devotees are well represented by Fantasy and Elementz 124, who share a love his towering awesomeness/ego.

There is a vibrant community of PvZ artists on Deviant Art that is worth checking out. We make a point of highlighting some of our favorite work every week on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy the splendor that is Zomboss in the selection below:

Zomboss by Elementz124 (on Deviant Art)

Zomboss by Fantasy (on Deviant Art)

Zomboss by Elementz124 (on Deviant Art)