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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

By EA - 22-09-16

Essential Cats vs. Dinos Tips!

A game, within a game, within a setting that is out of this world/time.

We added a whole new way to play Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 with Cats vs. Dinos. The Cats vs. Dinos mode allows you to battle in a Jurassic conflict of mecha felines versus dinosaurs. The action is on an EPIC scale, with lumbering giant mechs with enormously powerful weapons clashing in titanic battles, all the while trying to dodge singularities. Cats vs. Dinos is a time limited game mode, only available through the time portal.

The combat is different to anything else in PvZGW2, long to medium range cat and mouse/dinosaur engagements where timing your shots and ability recharge is vital to success. Placing a well- aimed Power Shot squarely on your opponent often means the difference between victory and defeat.

We have assembled advice and tips from the developers to help you become masters in this new world of Robot Cat vs. Dinos:

  • Pick up the shards – destroyed enemies leave shards behind that refresh your health…and they’re delicious!
  • Do mind the singularities – they hurt and deplete your health, and can cause nasty skin rashes if you expose yourself to it for too long!
  • When the continuum is collapsing…run, the other way preferably – you take continuous damage once the blue force field flies by you!
  • Don’t be AFK – these rounds are fast and competitive, once that whistle blows go for it…if you don’t…well, just don’t be that Dino…or Cat!
  • Don’t engage if you’re outnumbered, retreat and wait for the advantage.
  • Combined Hornblast/Powershot and Ram ability can do almost 1000 points of damage so use them as a primary part of your attack.
  • Cover your teams flanks, don’t all charge up the middle.
  • Finish them off by ramming them so you also instantly collect the health shards.
  • When outnumbered try to position the closest opponent between you and the others and use them as a shield.
  • Your laser gives your position away instantly, so try to always lead with a Hornblast or Tail Powershot.
  • Form wolfpacks of 2 or 3 and spread across the map
  • Use stealth and cover to ambush your opponents, getting the jump on them will usually result in a win for you.
  • Retreat is often the best choice, find a better advantage or just to let your abilities recharge.

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