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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

By EA - 30-10-18

Get the Super Fertilizer and No-Brainerz Upgrades for Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Now

Grow your Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare 2 experience with a blast of Super Fertilizer from some real No-Brainerz upgrades! These bundles, one for the Plants and one for the Zombies, are packed full of incredible unlocks. Each includes four characters, with abilities, customizations sets and emotes for each of them. Both upgrades also come with a ton of additional goodies galore.

Super fertilizer Upgrade

Charge into battle, cobs blazing, with the Super Fertilizer Upgrade*! Power your plants with four characters, abilities, full customization sets, and emotes. Plus, Rainbow Stars and packs galore. Ensure glorious plant victories and vanquishes with:

  • Four Characters:
    • Toxic Citron
    • BBQ Corn
    • Plasma Pea
    • Vampire Flower
  • Four Emotes:
    • Peel Shaker – Citron
    • Slice n' Dice – Peashooter
    • Cobs Blazing – Kernel Corn
    • Sun Flip – Sunflower
  • 200 Stars
  • 50 Rainbow Stars
  • Super Fertilizer: Attack Pack
  • Super Fertilizer: Defender Pack 1
  • Super Fertilizer: Defender Pack 2
  • Four Abilities:
    • Citron's Mood Shield
    • Peashooter's Sombrero Bean Bomb
    • Corn's Multi-Shuck
    • Sunflower's Dark Flower
  • Four Customization Sets:
    • Fast Food Set – Citron
    • Samurai Set – Peashooter
    • Bandit Set – Kernel Corn
    • Bath Time Set – Sunflower

No-Brainerz Upgrade

Prepare to confront pesky plants and take your battle to crazy new heights with the No-Brainerz Upgrade*! Advance your zombie squad with four brain-thirsty characters, abilities, emotes, and more – it’s a no-brainer. Prepare to confront pesky plants with:

  • Four Characters:
    • Breakfast Brainz
    • General Supremo
    • Paleontologist
    • Moto-X Star
  • Four Emotes:
    • Flex of Fortitude – Super Brainz
    • Orbit Flip – Scientist
    • Super Strum – Foot Soldier
    • Poser – All-Star
  • 200 Stars
  • 50 Rainbow Stars
  • No-Brainerz: Attack Pack
  • No-Brainerz: Defender Pack 1
  • No-Brainerz: Defender Pack 2
  • Four Abilities:
    • Super Brainz’ Super Guided Ultra Ball
    • Scientist’s Mega Heal Bomb
    • Soldier’s Rocket Leap
    • All-Star’s Ultra Tackle
  • Four Customization Sets:
    • Retro Space Set – Super Brainz
    • Davinci Disguise Set – Scientist
    • Stinky the Clown Set – Foot Soldier
    • Bone Head Set – All-Star

Note: If you already own a character, ability, customization set or emote listed in either of the upgrades above, you’ll receive coins.

You can pick up both updates on:

* Super Fertilizer and No-Brainerz Upgrades requires Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 on applicable platform (sold separately), all updates and internet connection.